One hell of a adventure!

Hey guys this is my first real blog and something very funny but slightly terrifying happened to me yesterday I have a brother I am not going to use his real name since I want to be anonymous. Last year he fell of the school playground and fractionated his neck (two of his vertebra’s) he had to stay in the royal children’s hospital for a week trust me it felt like forever. Yesterday at school he fell off the school playground again he had to go to hospital again I can’t say what hospital, what made it even worse is that my mum is in Bali right now and I also can not spend long in hospitals or I will pass out. He didn’t do that much damaged he did hurt his shoulder but nothing major. So I spent the night in hospital great fun. (jokes) Leave me a comment if you want me to do a blog about my brother in the royal children’s hospital or tell me if there is anything particular you would like for me to blog about eg- friends/bitches, boyfriends, family anything!

Always feel free to leave feedback!

Bye xox – anonymous


Hi everyone this is my first blog I’m going to tell you a little bit about what this blog is going to be about for several reasons I am going to keep myself anonymous but I am going to update you on my everyday life. As many of you no things don’t always go as planed epically in my life so for everything that goes wrong or things that annoy me I hope you guys can relate!